Cenk is very confrontational and I rarely promote Young Turks but this is a good overview of conservative groups.

Think about our healthcare system in terms of power - Multinationals can offer quality plans but it gives them leverage over you. There should be a reasonable way to buy health insurance individually, independent of employment - it takes the power of the State to mandate this change. If certain governors actually cooperated with the law the roll out might be alot smoother. But some insurance companies already have captive audiences and don’t want to deal with market competition.

Do not let myopic, bitter old ancaps dash the Union on the rocks.

Democracy Trip Report

Procrastinating school work I have the pleasure of filling out not one, but two main-in ballots.


First there is Lonegan and Booker - they represent a split in the 1% over government influence. Booker serves the more reasonable limousine liberal / Bloomberg Democrats and Lonegan is on the payroll of the AnCap Koch Brothers (he literally headed up the NJ branch of their A4P propaganda group).

I was surprised to find six other candidates on the ballot - sadly the majority of them have no substantial online presence. If you run for office and googling your name + ‘New Jersey Senate’ doesn’t lead to your platform - you are screwed.

Antonio Sabas has an amateurish page with some boilerplate rhetoric.

Edward Stackhouse Jr. had the sense to make a youtube page. He sees himself as a protest candidate.

Stuart Meissner is a lawyer with a half-decent page - it seems to me he is a GOP funded spoiler candidate to peel votes away from the Booker/Lonegan race.

This lackluster line up led to my tried and true write-in vote for Gavin Bard - who I feel represents me best. Maybe you will feel the same way.


First up we have Chris Christie and Barbara Buono - part of the two party switching game. New Jersey has given the governor’s chair to both parties over the past couple decades. I could care less for either of these Establishment candidates.

Steven Welzer is the Green Party Candidate - he wants to implement a State Level Single Payer Option for the Health Insurance Marketplace. This is a good idea. The Establishment candidates don’t offer this because they get donations from Insurance Companies. However it should be noted that the Green Party rejects any consideration of Fission power.

Diane Sare runs with the tagline of ‘Glass-Steagall Now’ - and has an interesting range of opinions about the Banks, Governor Christie, President Obama, and the Drug Trade. I agree that repealing Glass-Steagall is a root cause of TBTF - but Sare’s simple solution approach just seems like a cover for LaRouce-ian craziness.

William Araujo is the ‘Peace and Freedom’ candidate and an interesting part of his platform is to have more vocational training in our schools.

Hank Schroeder for ‘Don’t Look Back’ does not have an easily accessed platform online.

Kenneth Kaplan is a Libertarian who wants to enable gay marriage and hints at marijuana legalization. He also wants to replace all State taxes with use fees (toll roads for everyone!) and dismantle public education.

Jeff Boss is the ‘NSA Did 911’ candidate, he has a very eccentric, clear, and ambitious platform. I think he is the best protest vote.

Ballot Questions

Number 1 - ‘Constitutional Amendment to permit money from existing games of chance to support veterans’ organizations’

While Veterans deserve public support I consider gambling to be a voluntary tax on poverty and desperation.

Number 2 - Constitutional Amendment to set a State Minimum Wage with Annual Cost of Living increases

The current federal minimum wage is ridiculously low - especially with our State’s cost of living. I’m not a fan of making this into an amendment (especially with the automatic increases) - but this is because the Governor refused to implement a more traditional law.

Other races are more local and not really interesting, but if my fellow Jersey Tumblrs want more information I’ll be happy to pull something together.

The IRS Scandal

It has been about a year since I wrote about the Committee for Our Children’s Future - which according to the Star Ledger’s ‘PolitiFact’ is a 501(c)4 organization.

Today their website is gone, like they never even existed. The ads that ran nearly every commercial break a year ago remain in people’s heads - I won’t let the nitty gritty go down the memory hole. Organizations like this can receive unlimited, anonymous donations to buy ad time. If they do the right legal-fu they can be tax-exempted as a ‘social welfare’ organization. The media firestorm is the IRS using ‘patriot’ and ‘tea party’ as flag words in handling all these tax-exemption requests. ‘Committee for Our Children’s Future’ could squeak right by. All this tax free revenue from who knows buys mass media ad time - so commercial media has no incentive to explain this corruption to the public. Fly by night organizations are paying no taxes and telling you who to vote for, with no obligation to facts.

SuperPACs: Nightmare on Your Street

Saw my first broadcast SuperPAC ad on TV in NJ today.


The Committee for Our Children’s Future (Please think of the children! - Regressives), is out to talk up “Chris Christie and Reformers”

While Chris Christie is the primo GOP governor, visiting numerous states to charge up the base (loudmouth white guys). The “Reformers” remain unnamed, but they will be an “acceptable” mix of Ds and Rs the monied interests have lined up.

How will we save the children? You ask?

"CCF is a non-profit organization advocating for tax and government spending reforms that restore long-term fiscal health and solidify the economic foundation for our kids and grandkids. Our priorities are to make government spending more efficient, lower the tax burden, and secure our economic future with pro-growth policies."

Austerity! Slash government revenue down to nothing, kill public unions and subvert private ones, and give the deed to the 1%. Their rational self interest will guide us to the new Golden Age

CCF has no obligation to say who is funding them. They have a PO box in Jersey, but their ad’s Press Release has a DC byline. This is a definite move by monied interests (Kochs, ALEC) to take control of the State Government and implement NeoLiberal Austerity.