SuperPACs: Nightmare on Your Street

Saw my first broadcast SuperPAC ad on TV in NJ today.

The Committee for Our Children’s Future (Please think of the children! - Regressives), is out to talk up “Chris Christie and Reformers”

While Chris Christie is the primo GOP governor, visiting numerous states to charge up the base (loudmouth white guys). The “Reformers” remain unnamed, but they will be an “acceptable” mix of Ds and Rs the monied interests have lined up.

How will we save the children? You ask?

"CCF is a non-profit organization advocating for tax and government spending reforms that restore long-term fiscal health and solidify the economic foundation for our kids and grandkids. Our priorities are to make government spending more efficient, lower the tax burden, and secure our economic future with pro-growth policies."

Austerity! Slash government revenue down to nothing, kill public unions and subvert private ones, and give the deed to the 1%. Their rational self interest will guide us to the new Golden Age

CCF has no obligation to say who is funding them. They have a PO box in Jersey, but their ad’s Press Release has a DC byline. This is a definite move by monied interests (Kochs, ALEC) to take control of the State Government and implement NeoLiberal Austerity.

Our Cyberpunk World

Image from ISS Expedition 30 (January 29th)

Our Cyberpunk World

Image from ISS Expedition 30 (January 29th)

"The fact that there was any debate over whether to call in experts on such a matter should tell you something about the integrity of Congress. It’d be one thing if legitimate technical questions directed at the bill’s supporters weren’t met with either silence or veiled accusations that the other side was sympathetic to piracy. Yet here we are with a group of elected officials openly supporting a bill they can’t explain, and having the temerity to suggest there’s no need to “bring in the nerds” to suss out what’s actually on it… The chilling takeaway of this whole debacle was the irrefutable air of anti-intellectualism; that inescapable absurdity that we have members of Congress voting on a technical bill who do not posses any technical knowledge on the subject and do not find it imperative to recognize those who do.

This used to be funny, but now it’s really just terrifying. We’re dealing with legislation that will completely change the face of the internet and free speech for years to come. Yet here we are, still at the mercy of underachieving Congressional know-nothings that have more in common with the slacker students sitting in the back of math class than elected representatives. The fact that some of the people charged with representing us must be dragged kicking and screaming out of their complacency on such matters is no longer endearing — it’s just pathetic and sad."

Joshua Kopstein, Dear Congress, It’s No Longer OK To Not Know How The Internet Works (via cultureofresistance)

I’ve written to my Senator (Frank Lautenberg) and my Representative to state my opposition to SOPA and ProtectIP. I would not trust anyone over 30 with any kind of internet regulations unless they’ve been working in comp sci their entire life. Private/Public sector go-betweens (lobbyists) need not apply.

(via citizen-earth)

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